Your Solution to Digitally Automated Administrative Processes


You don't have any key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow you to visibly show your company's development in quantitative terms?

Is your transparency in order-processing insufficient - thereby causing you to spend too much time "searching instead of finding"?

Do you spend a lot of time on paperwork and recurring administrative chores?

The Way to the Future

According to our experience, most companies are short on human resources, which means that stress and a hectic pace predominate in day-to-day work. In most cases, this leaves no time for improvement or automation projects, even though exactly these projects would be precisely what would help the company to move forward. In order to work in an economical and future-oriented manner, a company must constantly improve itself, which requires creative thinking from its employees.

To create this free space, EPIC & I develops solutions to digitally map your administrative processes. We record current manual procedures, create a basic concept and develop autonomously running programs with our cooperation partners. These programs can partially or completely take over work in place of humans.

In order to visualize increases in efficiency and productivity, we emphasize measurable project and company success. This means we will work with you to develop a data basis (if not yet sufficiently available) in order to transparently present your key performance indicators, such as process speed, cycle times or customer satisfaction. Based on the gathered data, it is easy to track progress and identify which projects need to be worked on next.

We have the right specialists from a broad range of professions on hand to implement even highly complex tasks. We always work based on our principles in Lean Management when developing any concepts or solutions. The possibilities of today's technology are almost limitless - EPIC & I is your compass towards a digital future.
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