Customized Workstations and Equipment Focused on Safety, Ergonomics and Productivity

Workstations & Manufacturing Equipment

Are your workstations off the shelf and consequently not adapted to your specific requirements?

Do your employees still have a lot of manual work and useless waiting times at individual work steps?

Do your employees lose a lot of time trying to get the right materials and tools?

Your Path to Efficiency and Productivity

Most companies do not have a workshop capable of manufacturing and adapting the necessary equipment for their own needs. Therefore, workbenches and equipment are often bought "off the shelf", but do not fully meet a company's specific requirements. Yet this is exactly where mistakes are being made, since the most important asset of a company are motivated and healthy employees. If an employee works day in and day out at workstations that are not tailored to the tasks at hand, it will have a negative impact on long-term work performance.

Every equipment implemented by EPIC & I is tailored to fit specific customer requirements. We modify it in close cooperation with your employees and adapt it to their actual needs. There is hardly any equipment available on the free market that can be perfectly inserted into an existing working environment without any modifications. To meet your requirements and create an efficient, as well as productive manufacturing environment, specialized modifications are usually indispensable.

Our goal is to maximize daily output with your existing resources. In doing so, it is important that the technology supports the employee's workflow and does not create additional workload, which in turn does not add value. As a result, we eliminate useless idle time and work assignments. All workstations are designed with 5S and ergonomics in mind for the respective tasks.

Costs and Benefits

Investing in requirement-specific equipment is usually more cost-intensive than any standard gear, but the return on investment becomes apparent after only a short while. Productivity increases and employees enjoy working at their stations. In addition, the available space is optimally utilized, and the arrangement of tools and materials is ergonomically designed.

We have the right specialists on hand to design and adapt any equipment according to your requirements. EPIC & I is your partner for efficient, productive and healthy workplace designs. We provide the equipment and manufacture workstations to meet your needs. Furthermore, one of our essential core services is the on-site implementation. We take responsibility for the entire scope of the project, including the coordination of all external trades such as exhaust systems, compressed air systems, electrical infrastructure, climate conditioning and much more.

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