From relatively simple process optimizations to full implementation of Lean Management Systems

Lean Management

Lean Management is one of the most efficient manufacturing methods in the world. The general approach is based less on the technical automation of workflows and processes but rather on streamlining, i.e. on increasing the organization's efficiency. By eliminating non-value-added activities and shortening your cycle times you will find it easier to meet your customers' needs in terms of delivery time and remain competitive on the market.

Three Service Packages - Your Decision

EPIC & I can offer problem-specific process improvements through the implementation of individual Lean Methods, as well as helping you establish a holistic Lean Management Ssystem within your organization. Depending on the agreed scope of services and requirements, we plan a detailed layout, design workstations and optimize your material flow. In order to do this, we offer three different basic concepts:

Acute Problem Solving

If you have acute workflow problems or would like to optimize individual process areas, EPIC & I can provide immediate support. With a targeted process analysis, we identify symptoms and causes. Together we discuss the resulting concept and decide which solution offers you the best added value. Upon request, we will fully implement the entire concept for you.

Overall Process Examination

In most cases, we recommend taking a holistic view of the company's processes and optimizing them using Lean Management methods. A malfunction in your process does not necessarily originate at the position where it was identified. In most cases, the cause of the problem occurred much earlier in your process, but the full extent of effects only become apparent further down the line. It doesn't even have to be directly related to the initial problem.

When starting an improvement project, we prefer to work with a value stream mapping. Together with your employees on site, we look at every step in the entire process chain and document the complete workflow. With this approach, we can identify potential weaknesses and causes of errors in your value stream. Even though this may take more time and effort compared to correcting a single error, it usually results in a more sustainable outcome.

Holistic Lean Management System

In order to ensure the best long-term benefits, your decision may be to restructure the entire company according to the principles of Lean Culture. Restructuring on this scale requires a great deal of experience, detailed process knowledge and gradual, careful implementation. In doing so, it is important to utilize the knowledge and talent of your employees and to continuously develop the organization.

Major changes in a company always require new concepts to be based on real-life conditions and to be constantly adapted. Keeping the company delivering and performing at all times during the transformation must be the number one priority. In order to minimize risks and not overwhelm the organization as well as the employees with changes, we have learned that the right approach is to implement the overall project in smaller sub-projects.

Ganz gleich, für welchen Weg Sie sich ent­schei­den, EPIC & I ist Ihr Partner bei der gesamten Planung und Um­setzung.

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