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Founding and Origin

EPIC & I GmbH is a young company founded in spring 2021. You might wonder who would start a new company in the midst of a difficult global situation caused by the Corona pandemic. There are many very good reasons for us to do so.

For the past 15 years, our team has worked together in the global Emerson Process Management group. During this time, we were largely responsible for the development and design of manufacturing equipment as well as for overarching processes in the areas of production, materials management and logistics.

In order to stand our ground in a highly competitive market, we have always been forced to operate with as few staff and resources as possible. As a result, we are accustomed to implementing all conceptual and structural changes with the highest possible efficiency without impacting ongoing day-to-day business. As with many other steadily growing companies, a particular challenge was the limited space available, which in our case furthermore extended over three floors in several different buildings and external warehouses. As a result, we learned to develop creative solutions that made three-dimensional use of the available space.

About Us and Our Services

Our team consists of engineers for manufacturing technology and development, master craftsmen in mechanics and mechatronics as well as specialists for project management, lean management, material management, logistics, production and quality. We have decided to use our team's unique expertise, experience and passion as foundation of our company and thus for you as our customer. 

Our range of services covers all processes and procedures in the value chain of a company. We develop concepts with core competences in special machine construction, production equipment, administration digitization and optimized process planning for your organization. Together with our network of cooperation partners, we implement these concepts right on-site at your company.

Each of the specialists within our extended network is an essential part of our portfolio's realization. As a customer, you entrust us with the task of evaluating your current processes, identifying potential for improvement, and coordinating all the necessary services for the final implementation as your responsible partner. You will find further information about our work content as well as our cooperation partners' services on our detailed service descriptions.

What does that mean for you as a customer?

The acronym of our core services, "EPIC", may sound pretentious - but we firmly believe that we can achieve just that. We have a team, as well as a network of cooperation partners, that has been steadily expanding for more than 15 years and has become well-rehearsed through hands-on collaboration. Established expertise and workflows as well as the right methodology have always led to success.

You are the specialist in your own field, but with our experience in processes and new technologies, you will manage to maximize this potential.

Our Team

Geschäftsführer Florian Höhenberger im Portrait

Florian Höhenberger

Executive Partner & Managing Director

Florian Höhenberger is the founder of EPIC & I GmbH, which he leads as a shareholder and chairman of the board.

As head of the internal tool shop with responsibilities for equipment construction, maintenance and facility management, he has been pivotal in the automation and further development of production machinery, processes and production layout at Emerson Process Management GmbH & Co. OHG at the Wessling site since 2005. During this time, more than 100 improvement projects were successfully completed.

Thanks to his continuous training over many years, he has built up both theoretical and practical expert knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation, EHS, Lean Management, process design and layout planning.
Geschäftsführer Benjamin Egyed im Portrait

Benjamin Egyed

Executive Partner & Managing Director

Benjamin Egyed is co-founder of EPIC & I GmbH, which he manages as a shareholder and co-managing director.

Since graduating in business administration with a focus on material management, logistics and controlling, he has held several positions in the supply chain of international corporations. Since 2017, he has been working for Emerson Process Management GmbH & Co. OHG at the Wessling site. He manages the teams in the areas of procurement and production planning.

His responsibilities include key performance indicators for the company's success in terms of short lead times as well as on-time delivery, quality and product availability. In addition to his practical experience, he has received further training in the areas of personnel management and quality assurance management.

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