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At EPIC & I, we see ourselves first and foremost as a general contractor. Many services are performed by our own team, other specialized tasks are solved together with our network of experts in order to develop the best possible solution for our customers. Our specialty is to combine our own services with external resources in such a way that our customer receives an integrated service from a single source.

A good network, however, works both ways. We are proud to support our partners in their projects and to work together on innovative solutions. We firmly believe that the interplay of cooperation, transparency and communication is the essential key to success. Therefore, we are looking forward to establishing many contacts, to engage in a lively exchange and by doing so, not only to acquire contracts, but to contribute to a shared profit for all involved parties.

Basically, we do our business out of passion and conviction. For us, the focus is on building partnerships and friendships that go beyond business. At the same time, we have clear value principles by which we not only measure ourselves, but also select our partners, customers and suppliers.

Listed below are some of our cooperation partners. Each of our partners can link up with us digitally. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to be listed on our website!

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The workstation concept "avero" offers countless possibilities: from single workstations through assembly lines to packing stations. The value stream from warehouse through commissioning to internal logistics can easily be optimized using the equipment of Bott. This will enable you to establish efficient processes across all functions.

EC Recruiting

The most important asset of any companies are qualified employees. Decision makers, but especially operative specialists define the success of the enterprise. Eva Choi and her team provide their knowledge in engineering, IT and craft to both employees and employers in order to be the best counterpart on professional and personal level.


Flebbe GmbH is a specialist for insulation technology. Their concept is to not only offer individual systems of insulation technology, but to also take responsibility for everything that goes with the assignment.

Flebbe has three branches in Germany, the head office is in Forstinning (Bavaria).

Helmut Mann

The company was founded in 1984 by Helmut Mann and was primarily focused on ventilation & air conditioning as well as industrial ovens & chimneys. By working for hotel groups they expanded their portfolio to sanitary equipment. Meanwhile they serve customers in the public, private and business sectors.


We want to contribute our part to solve the challenges of our times. It is high time to act. Effective climate protection needs to be economically reasonable. To achieve that we need less words and distinct solutions instead.

This is what instaGreen stands for. Energy efficiency for the middle class. Straight and simple.


Your specialized partner for drive technology, measuring and control technology, low-voltage technology, industrial automation and digitization. Iwik support you in the development and implementation of modernization and digitization strategies and provide them with the appropriate products and services.

Unions & Associations


UKOM is run by hands-on experts in economy, administration and politics who colloborate closely with their partners in science, service and associations. We support UKOM actively in their series of seminars. In doing so we bridge the gap from sustainability and environment protection to our core topics efficiency, productivity and continuous improvement. Visit their website for more information!


We see it as an essential mission of every company to sponsor the education of tomorrow's professionals. Being a young enterprise we can't offer apprenticeship programs, but we can support educational providers with speeches, workshops and other learning content. As a matter of consequence we offer these services without any fees. EPIC & I is proud to maintain active cooperations with various institutions and to enrich their education plans with practical content.


Max-Born-Berufskolleg (vocational college) in Recklinghausen, European School in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany, is specialized in engineering and design. They enable students to achieve qualified certificates and degrees in construction and wood engineering, art and design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medical engineering.

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