Efficiency, productivity and continuous improvement along the entire value chain

Efficiency, Productivity, Automation

These three buzzwords often come up in connection with technology and industrial companies. They are used as synonyms for reducing human labor, cutting costs, increasing capacity, and at the same time generating the greatest possible profit.

The central backbone of a company is its qualified personnel. When we talk about automation and digitization, we are primarily concerned with one thing: reducing simple work as well as stress and hectic activity in order to use human labor for what machines can only do with great difficulty or not at all - creativity and the ability to solve problems.

Idea ► Concept ► Implementation

There are many competent, classic consultants who develop good concepts - but these must ultimately be implemented independently by the client. For this, the market offers a lot of programmers and mechanical engineers who are happy to develop an optimal technical solution. But who now takes over the overall conception and coordination of the whole thing?

EPIC & I is much more than a classic consulting service provider. Our core competence lies in the combination of theoretical consulting and the final practical implementation. Together with you, we develop a highly efficient concept based on Lean Management, which raises your processes and workflows to a completely new level. With our team and cooperation network we put these concepts directly into practice. We design production facilities and processes specifically tailored to your requirements and needs, which we integrate into the existing work organization. In this way, we ensure smooth operations along the entire value chain.

To exploit the potential holistically, we train your staff to use the possibilities of the technologies correctly. We go one step further: We are not only concerned with imparting process knowledge, but also with building an understanding of how and why these processes work. In this way, you benefit doubly and sustainably from a successful implementation with EPIC & I.

Our concept is to offer you a complete solution. We are your partner from development to implementation, this also includes the coordination of all trades for any form of process optimization and we remain your responsible contact until full implementation.

As our customer, you are relying on a team of experienced specialists and managers from industrial practice. Our goal is to find the right answers to your individual problems with our experience and our long-standing, well-coordinated network.

In our experience, there is an incredibly high potential in many companies that is just waiting to be put to the right use. 

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