Customer-Specific Automation and Special Machinery

Automation & Special Machinery

Are all the manual work and verification procedures slowing down your productivity?

Do your employees have a lot of waiting time when maybe only one button needs to be pushed?

Do you have a lot of outdated machines in your inventory that could work much more efficiently?

Your Path to Efficiency and Productivity

Today's technology offers extensive automation possibilities. Still, most work is done manually in many companies. All material transportation, assembly and verification steps, as well as packaging and sorting tasks are carried out by employees. As a result, precious human capabilities that are capable of dealing with complex situations are often wasted on simple and repetitive tasks.

In order to enable you to leverage your employees with maximum benefit to your company, EPIC & I will create solutions and concepts to automate your manual work tasks. In cooperation with our partners we develop customized machines, adapt them exactly to your requirements and put them into operation at your site. We supervise the entire process as your exclusive and direct contact partner. We are responsible for the entire process, from consulting to construction to implementation and comprehensive training of your employees.

There are many work steps that are difficult to automate with an adequate cost-benefit-ratio. However, far more processes could easily be taken over by machines. With more than 15 years of experience, we have developed an eye for recognizing automation potential and correctly assessing its complexity. We consider even very complicated tasks just as a new challenge for us. In collaboration with our cooperation network, we check your individual needs for feasibility and never dismiss a project request outright.

Our partners are special machine constructors, engineers, designers and programmers, who are able to evaluate our ideas and subsequently turn them into reality. In parallel, we cooperate with laboratories and universities in order to test new ideas on viability and to constantly expand existing concepts. It is important for us not to let our designs be limited by the current state of the art, but to set new standards with creative and unconventional concepts.

Some tasks require the development of a completely new machine, while sometimes further development of an already existing, partially automated system is the right decision. In many cases, the used technology has proven its functionality and provides a good foundation for an effective modernization. Regardless of whether it's a new machine or further development, the important aspect is the optimal coordination between processes, machines and employees, as well as an ideal integration with the conditions on site.

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